Message From The Founder

If I were to wrap the numerous goals and key objectives of the IYF around 10 bullet points, they would simply be these:

1. To create a community where young individuals can access information which will enable and equip them to make informed decisions.


2. To build capacity and share knowledge amongst youth in supporting the establishment of a more accountable society, from a community level to a global scale. Giving youths a voice, and encouraging them to share their individual stories.


3. To highlight and discuss possible issues affecting youths and advocating for youth participation in governance and policy creation.


4. To connect the youth to experts in various fields and provide and facilitate mentorship in order to train and develop them, thereby creating a solid workforce and reducing unemployment in the long term.


5. A genuine atmosphere to relax, unwind, destress and release through edifying social events.


6.  To increase overall productivity of young individuals by improving skill base through skill acquisition and development.


7. To create awareness campaigns which will sensitise youths on addressing societal plagues , thereby promoting inclusion , equality and reducing social vices.


8. To monitor and publicise youth-advancing projects and activities by other key renowned global organizations for youths to partake in.


9. To provide life skill training , and ensuring all areas (spirituality, wellness and health, career and business , lifestyle , personal development , personal finance , etc ) are catered for adequately – enabling young individuals challenge the norm and uphold Godly standards as they permeate all areas of society and spheres of influence.


10. To organise conferences and workshops with experts for knowledge sharing , equipping , creating avenues for enlightening discussions and community development.

Moving steadily and consistently, we are excited for the future of our youth! We are the leaders of today and the time starts now.

How can you get involved?

1. Donations – by giving below. Your donation goes a long way in enabling us reach these 10 points written above and actualizing those and much more.


2. Partnerships and Sponsorships – If you would like to partner with the IYF and become an official sponsor, or engage in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), partner for a cause, an awareness, an event, a campaign or project, please send an email to; or use the contact form down below. We look forward to hearing from you.


3. Recruitment – Please keep an eye on our recruitment tab to join one of our teams when recruitment is open. This is an excellent opportunity to gain skills while working and volunteering with other young individuals in other fields in bringing the change we all desire. Lend a hand!


4. Subscribe and join the community – This sends you weekly articles and updates on upcoming events, mentorship courses or articles by our contributors. Please don’t miss this golden opportunity.

Thank you for your love and efforts towards partnering with the Impeccable Youth Foundation.

We are taking the world by storm!



Becky Larry-Izamoje 

Founder, The Impeccable Youth Foundation