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Aspect: Finance sector

Favourite Quote: Feel the fear, Do it anyway

Background: Accounting and finance graduate, now an accountant in professional services. Values that drive me: Honesty, Transparency and Excellence. Hobbies/ passion: Aside from all things personal finance, travelling, reading and hosting (dinner) parties.

Aspect: Personal Development .

Mueni Joan is a Graduate in the Development team of a leading UK Housing Association where we strive to provide affordable housing. She graduated from the University of Reading a year ago with a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate. While at university, she was a Promotions Manager for the ACS and a mentor for incoming students on her course. My hobbies include travelling, videography, outdoor adventures, interior design and socializing.  My favourite quote isn’t so much of a quote as it is a Swahili proverb that goes ‘Haraka haraka haina baraka’ which translates to Hurry hurry has no blessing. The values that drive her are; Love, Faith, Humility and Accountability.

Aspect: Contributor on Career and Business

Favourite Quote: “Turn your wounds into wisdom” by Oprah Winfrey

Contributor profile: Debbie Larry-Izamoje also known as The Entrepreneur’s Best-Friend is a Nigerian Entrepreneur who holds a BSc in Information management from the University of Sheffield and MSc in management from the University College London (UCL). With Certificates in Innovation and strategy from Harvard University and user innovation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Debbie is passionate about assisting entrepreneurs which is why her company Image Boosters a digital and PR agency that specializes in Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, PR & Communications was founded. She also serves as a business coach, educating the next generation of entrepreneurs through articles, courses, podcasts and more. She is a columnist for Thisday Newspaper and Bellanaija, presenter for Businessday show called ‘mind your business’ as well as an author of 2 business books. She was also nominated top 5 under the 25 under 25 SME awards in Media and communications category and recently recognized as by Trek Africa as outstanding entrepreneurship personality of the year. She is driven by perseverance, hard work and integrity and her hobby is watching old Nollywood movies.

Aspect: Daily living & personal development and Finance

Favourite quote: ‘’Whatever you are, be a good one.’’

A graduate of Accounting and Financial management from the University of Sheffield. Passionate about serving and building up people to be their best in whatever way I can. I see myself as an advocate for everyone without a voice and desire to help people find their voices and themselves!

Strongly driven by compassion, accountability and fulfilment of purpose and self. I believe that I am blessed to be a blessing and that is what I aim to do while living a life that pleases God.

As for hobbies, nothing beats quality time with loved ones, a good conversation and just learning new things.

Sector: Daily living and Personal Development.

Favourite quote: If you do not know where you are going to, all roads will look like where you are going.

I come from a northern christian home, I have always had an urge for self development and that resulted to me being a member of the Toastmasters international organisation. I have a BSc in Economics, I am an Entrepreneur(farmer). I love to meet new people. I dream dreams that are bigger than me.

Values that drive me: Integrity, Determination, Honesty, Responsibility and Love.

Hobbies/passion: cooking/baking, Singing, watching movies, reading, travelling and having sensible conversations with friends.

IG: Mehrcee

Favourite quote: ‘Life is gift to God. What you do with it, is your gift back to him’
Phoebe DamiAsolo got married in December 2016 and has since used her wedding planning experiences to inform and further educate brides-to-be on how to make their wedding planning process fun as opposed to being stressful. She launched ‘The Wedding Counsellor’ Platform, a non-profit pet project which entertains questions and provides solutions to problems real brides-to-be go through. Through this platform, she has been able to reach out to over 100 brides-to-be making their planning processes a lot easier and saving them the risk of making popular planning mistakes. Phoebe also launched a first of its kind Bridal Guide Book ‘Miss to Mrs’. Sold globallyy and sold out in barely two months.
Phoebe obtained her MSc from Imperial college , London where she studied Innovation , Entrepreneurship and Management . She is also an alumni of the Univeristy of Manchester where she obtained her BSc with honours in Accounting and Finance . Currently, she is a Brand Manager at a reputable global organization based in Nigeria managing her 7th brand in a 6year career span. Phoebe, together with her husband, run a wedding planning outfit-Dapperweddinghub. They are happily married and blessed with a child.
Values that drive me: Discipline, purposeful living, thoughtfulness
Hobbies/passion: travelling, singing

Aspect: Finance

Favourite quote: “We plan the way we want to live, but only God makes us able to live it”

Contributor profile: Blessing is an Economics graduate of Landmark University. She has a particular interest in personal finance and is currently serving as a youth volunteer on financial inclusion in her local community. She is also a healthy living enthusiast and makeup lover.
Values that drive you- Serenity, Self-actualization/Fulfilment, Family, Independence, Humility 
Hobbies / passion outside of work–Cooking, makeup, travelling, and reading.

Sectors: Personal Development, Health & Wellness and Spirituality.

Favorite Quote: ‘Life is a journey, enjoy the ride.’

Background/Past Experience: Adedolapo Esther Balogun is an Integrated Marketing Master’s student at NYU School of professional studies, who is passionate about God, marketing, health & wellness, personal development, and people. She aspires to become a brand manager at a company in the consumer packaged goods, and/or health and wellness, industry. She has done social media and marketing internships at several companies and recently volunteered at the Mental Health Foundation Nigeria, where she worked with team members in raising awareness about mental health, online and offline.

Values that drive you: Adedolapo Esther’s values are rooted in the word of God. By God’s grace she aims to live by His word and love God, herself and others. She believes in staying healthy and pursuing growth, in all life areas.

Hobbies/passion outside of work: Adedolapo Esther’s hobbies, outside pursuing her master’s degree and future career, are traveling, photography, reading, writing, having great conversations and meeting new people (well, when her introverted side does not kick in, lol).

Aspect: Spirituality

Favourite Quote: Knowledge Puffs Up but Love builds Up – Paul, The Apostle

Jonathan Ojapa a.k.a Jo Deep is a regular guy who uses every form art he lays his hands on as a channel to share the Truths He has learned. He is a Teaching Pastor at The Lifeway Chapel, Lagos and a budding musician with An EP and some singles to his name.

He is driven by Love . His hobbies outside of work include researching/ dancing / pulling off pranks. 



Aspect: Personal Development / Career and Business

Favourite quote: “Live Full, Die Empty”


Funmilola Kehinde is the Founder of CareerswithFunmi Consulting a Talent Development & Recruitment Consultancy Firm, with the vision “to help youths get employed with a dream job that allows them live a more fulfilled life”. This is her expression of a commitment to becoming a notable solution provider to the menace of unemployment globally.

She landed two jobs via LinkedIn (one of which was in a multinational) and has created the LinkedIn Profile Makeover Course to help many others achieve the same feat effortlessly.

She holds a B. Sc in Computer Science from Covenant University and an M. Sc in IT with Strategic innovation and Management Studies from Kingston University. She is a Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Fellow 2016, a Grooming for Greatness (G4G) Fellow 2017 and an Alumnus of the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy.

Values that drive her: Family, Integrity, Responsibility, Empathy, and Love
Hobbies / passion outside of work: Mentoring girls on career choices.

Sectors: Personal Development and Spirituality

Favorite Quote: “Love God, Love people”.

Background/Past Experience: Tosin Oyesile is the founder of CareerTalkWithTosin – a platform created to provide young individuals with the skills, knowledge and resources needed for optimal career growth. Tosin is passionate about mentoring and coaching youths to guide them to fully becoming who God created them to be in their careers and in all other areas of life. She has a Msc. in Accounting and Information Systems and years of experience in the finance and accounting field.

Hobbies/passion outside of work: Dancing, volunteering, travelling and watching movies.