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 Do you already have broad financial goals and you're not really sure of how to get from point A to B? Well here are some action plans for you to take charge of your year and beyond.   1. Offset debt. By debt,

Hey guys!!! Happy New Year!!! So 2018 was all about all talk and no work to some people. I came across lots of “I will do this and that” but did they eventually do it? No! So 2019 now should be about doing all the "I will do" of last year. This is personal development and daily lifestyle. Is this shocking to you that your daily lifestyle has a way of affecting your personal development? What you do everyday rubs off on your personal development, infact that is actually your first step to personal development. Here are few things you can do daily/ every now and then to boost your daily lifestyle.

Happy New Year to you all, I hope the year is treating you well so far. The New Year presents a great opportunity to re-evaluate old goals and set new ones. Motivation levels high, ready, set, go. New Year New Me? I

Happy New Year Everyone!   Hope you all had an awesome Christmas break and are stepping into the new year feeling well rested and excited for all this year has to offer! If you’re like me though, you got carried away this

Truth be told, today’s topic is one that I know is quite important in order to be fit- financially fit that is. But boyy do I sometimes try to dodge from it and just indulge! The gag is though, after

Happy new year everyone! Normally this is the point of saying 'new year, new me' or '2019 is my year'. Nothing wrong with that so long as you're making deliberate efforts towards that 'new' you. Now back to business. Talking

Happy New Year to you all. It is a new beginning. A fresh start. The beginning of the first chapter of another 365-page book. At this point, I want to encourage everyone reading this to let go of the past.