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"We were able to get these items delivered in the New Year and although we couldn’t see the teenagers because of COVID-19 precautionary measures, our hearts are full and so grateful to everyone who made our End-of-Year Give back a

Your Love Is Unbelievable is a collection of 21 real stories, of encounters with God’s love, and how it changed the lives of various individuals around the world. This edition will introduce you to your God-given identity, remind you of your

The IYF is a Children and Youth Empowerment Initiative, dedicated to Personal and Skill Development leading to Societal Transformation. Our goal is birthed from a deep desire to see young individuals with a clear awareness of purpose- channel their passion and

To the woman, Come March every year, the world comes together to celebrate women. In my humble opinion, women are to be and should be celebrated every single day! Through the valleys and the mountains, even when it hurts and when it

Vision 2020! - You sure must have heard or even said this at one point or the other. Guess what, this is THE year 2020!  Growing up, even till a couple of years back, I dreamt of 2020 to be that

- Mamba Mentality Kobe’s death hit hard. The fact that he died with GiGi hit harder. Kobe was larger than life itself and many are still coming to terms with the fact that he’s gone. That death was bigger. That a

  And so it begins, a brand new year & a brand new decade. At the strike of midnight just over a couple of weeks ago, billions of hearts across the globe were ignited with fresh hope and just as many