Our 2020/21 Volunteering Scheme is Now Open!

The IYF is a Children and Youth Empowerment Initiative, dedicated to Personal and Skill Development leading to Societal Transformation.

Our goal is birthed from a deep desire to see young individuals with a clear awareness of purpose- channel their passion and youth towards finding and fulfilling purpose. This realization that young individuals can live beyond the mediocre and live out their truest self is the drive of the IYF.

We are pleased to announce that our 2020 Volunteering Scheme is now open!

Our programmes are highly people focused and we need your support. We are looking for young, purpose-driven, solutions-oriented and ethical individuals who would like to support our work with inspiring young individuals to challenge and reshape societal norms, uphold godly standards and permeate all aspects of society by living intentional and purposeful lives.


Click here to apply!

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