And so it begins, a brand new year & a brand new decade. At the strike of midnight just over a couple of weeks ago, billions of hearts across the globe were ignited with fresh hope and just as many minds dared to dream again. Suddenly the impossibilities of the previous year no longer held the same weight as we were all given 365 fresh days. Again. From the young boy in a dusty rural village somewhere, to the CEO that creates the screen with which you are reading these words from, one thing was for certain: hope is free & hope is for all.

So what differentiates those whose hopes will become reality this year from those who have been hoping since the start of the last decade and will continue to hope at the start of the next decade?


PURPOSE: Your WHY. (Philippians 3:14).

This year, you cannot afford to find yourself in places, with people or doing things that don’t align with your purpose & who you know you are in God. It doesn’t matter how enjoyable, attractive or interesting it may appear to be – you cannot say yes to everything that comes your way. Stop. Look. Listen. Ask yourself why you are about to get involved? Perhaps you’re automatically thinking of clubs, boyfriends & fornication? Yeah those too but how about careers, long time friends whose season has expired & secret envy of others?


PRAYER: Your HOW. (John 5:14-15).

Everything in this life that functions successfully has a source. A consistent one. Whether it’s a toaster backed by electricity, a child’s toy running on AA batteries or a heater dependant on gas – if it works then it is being sustained by something. Likewise this year without prayer, your hopes and dreams will remain just that: hopes and dreams. Not the cute little prayer you slap onto your plans like an automated factory label after your mind is thoroughly made up that this is what you’re going to do. No. I’m talking asking, waiting & hearing from God before you make a move. For real this time. I guarantee you that this year, if you choose to get your knees familiar with the ground, heart familiar with His rhythm & ears familiar with His voice – your requests will become familiar with answers.


POWER: Your WOW. (Acts1:8).

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who transformed the atmosphere of the room just by being there without saying a single Word? You can’t quite place your finger on it but something about them commands respect  then when they open their mouth it all makes sense! Wisdom, grace, influence & authority just flows out. This is the type of person you must become in 2020. Your work place, church, school & neighbourhood so desperately needs men & women who carry power. True power. The kind that doesn’t need to announce itself. Because with power comes influence… with influence comes access… and with access, a corner of the world that would have otherwise remained forgotten about: can be reached for God.

In 2020, go ahead & be great. Just don’t forget your WHY, your HOW & your WOW!


– Minister Shammah Gara


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