Tell us about yourself:

My name is Tosin Ade-Aibinu, I’m a young entrepreneur, a youtuber, and I’d describe myself as a very simple person who has a zest for life and is very charismatic. I am also a people’s person – I really love people.


How do you align your passion, your personality and your purpose?

I would say I do this by being authentic, by being myself. I’ve been privileged to have an upbringing that helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses on time, so i’m able to channel that into the things I want to do. So let’s say I like things to be very organised, I express that into my business, and put it into the general life tasks that I have. I always say that purpose is everyday, there is no day you ‘arrive’ or say ‘yes I have achieved my purpose’. There is a purpose for everyday, so I try to ensure that everyday, by virtue of being born again, I am able to exhibit those traits and apply it to my everyday life, and also imbibe those in every decision I face. Even as little as doing chores in the house, helping people, public speaking, just the excellence that I exhibit in my work/life balance, that’s how I align my personality with my purpose. Authenticity is key, and doing things in a godly manner ultimately.


What are the challenges you’ve faced so far in being your authentic self?

I think the number 1 is acknowledging who I am and not trying to fit in. So understanding that I am different and unique and God has made me in this way for a purpose, I do not need to try to please people or make them like me, I should just own my truth. Also coming to the realisation of who I am in Christ has really helped a lot, and I know the only acknowledgment I need is from Jesus because the Bible says that when your light shines,even other people will give glory to God. So it’s the Holy spirit working in you, you doing the right things to glorify God and then people becoming edified through that. It’s not the other way round, we are not born again to edify people, we are born again to glorify God, and as such, edify people. So I would say accepting who I am ultimately, and also ignoring naysayers, especially in this global age when people have an opinion about everything you do, even when they don’t know your journey or what God has called you to do. They don’t know your consecration, they don’t know your convictions, but still they have something to say. I would say God has really trained me to have a deaf ear. There’s this scripture that I love that says if someone puts their hand on the plough and looks back, the person is not ready for the assignment. Also our job is to do what He (Jesus) who has enlisted us would want us to do. Those I would say are the challenges, but the more you grow in Jesus, the more your confidence grows, and the more righteousness is exalted. The Bible says the righteous are as bold as a lion. Once you begin to do things the godly way, your level of confidence increases, and you do not really bother about what people say. You are unashamed about the gospel of Christ and you say your truth with love and keep it moving.


That is so interesting and insightful. How have you been able to ensure that the pressures of society do not affect who you are and the values you stand for?

That’s a very good question. I think it ties with the previous one, and just spending more time in God’s word. The Bible says that He that standeth let him be careful lest he falls. So no matter how godly or spiritual you think you are, or no matter how much training you think you have received, if you are undisciplined for a second, if you get carried away for a second, if you get pumped for a second, so much damage can be done. So I think meditating on God’s word and ensuring I am not a flesh-based person, ensuring that the word of God is so soaked inside of me that my natural response to things is God. The Bible says seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. A lot of people only apply that scripture when they are faced with difficulties, they don’t apply it in their everyday life, so in the sense of being faced with a decision today, or when someone says something about you, what do you seek? I first of all seek God’s righteousness, so God has really helped me spend more time with Him to find delight in His word and that is what has really helped me to stand firm and be able to promote the values I stand for. I let people know that this is the light, because we are not called to be undercover christians.


We see you are very family-oriented. How have you been able to manage your many hats and not allow any suffer ? 

If I say nothing suffers, I’d be lying. There are times where I feel I can be more excellent in some areas and then work calls, or social media calls, or I need to attend to my home. I think it’s just having  a wholesome life balance and a routine. Routines help me, for instance, I don’t pick phone calls after 9pm, if you text me, I may not reply, because that is hubby time, that is pillow time with my husband, or we unwind with a movie. We both have very busy lives. Also my parents and I are really close, and so am I with my siblings, so I always ensure that there is time for everyone and everything. When I wake up in the morning, I do my devotion, I spend time in the word of God, I do my posts, I do my work, process my orders, but I know in the evening, I discipline myself to know that time is over.


What is an ever-green advice you would give young people if you had just one thing to say?

I would say follow God regardless. Because so many things will happen. Life will test your faith, so many challenges, you may lose loved ones, businesses, relationships, friendships, but when you follow God you can be sure that all things work together for they that love the Lord and have been called according to His purpose. I wish I knew that when I was younger. I wish I started my relationship with God earlier.


You can stay in touch with Tosin Ade-Aibinu via her social media platforms:

YouTube – Tosin Alabi

instagram – @lynnjaphet



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