Self Love – Do I Love Myself Enough?

“This month is the month of Love!

The question i’m proposing to you is “how much love do you have for yourself?” If you say you love yourself and you do not tell yourself the truth, that is not love. An Important step for self development is love. This is not loving any other person but yourself. You have to Love yourself first before you can develop yourself. By loving yourself,  I mean accepting who you truly are. You cannot love what you don’t like or what you are not comfortable with. You learn to accept yourself and truly love yourself by telling yourself the truth about you.

I have come across lots of people that want to be who they are not, and they want to develop themselves, instead they are developing someone else. You have to accept who you are before you begin to take steps towards development. Development means to improve, to progress and you cannot do that if there is not much thought that has gone into what you’re improving on.

It is simple – Accept who you are, tell yourself the truth, then pick yourself up and begin your process of improvement and progress. If you see yourself as something that you are truly not, you will never see the progress. For Example, Miss Water has refused to tell herself the truth that she is just water and nothing more. She feels like she is wine, she is juice, she is coke. She will never see her progress as water becoming ice block, water used for everything,  water as the most essential thing that every creation needs. If she does not love herself as just water and see that first and foremost she is very essential and that every thing living or not needs her, she would not love herself first and be content. This contentment then driver her to seeing her worth and value and the fullness of all she can become.”



-Mercy Mamman



  • Okwusogu Emmanuella
    February 21, 2019

    Nice piece .Self realization is key to the development of the mind, body and soul.

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