6 Steps to Kickstart Your Journey of BECOMING


If I could describe my life journey so far in one word, it will be ‘Becoming.’ Simply put, becoming is ‘the process of coming to be something or someone.’ I believe all our life journeys can be described using this word. We are all on a journey of coming to be someone, however, whom we become is dependent on the choices we make daily.

You might feel: ‘Well, despite the effort I put in, there is a huge distance between whom I want to become and who I currently am.’ Well if you do feel this way, you are not alone, I often feel this way too! I used to have these feelings more intensely a few years ago until I recently realized that, ‘life is a journey and growth takes time’. Still, to become the person we aspire to be, there is always a starting point.

In this article I will be sharing,

Six steps I believe are essential to kick-start your journey of Becoming:


1. Realizing where you currently are: To begin any journey we need to first realize where we currently are (that’s why we put our current location first in google maps). This requires a high level of reflection, self-awareness, self-evaluation and, even at times, checking in with others, as we can’t always be our own mirror. (I’m still working on that last part, cough-cough).

Take out time to reflect on your life journey so far: Are you proud of where/who you currently are? If yes, what are the areas you’re most proud of? If no or not so much, this is not a call for condemning or beating yourself up but, this is meant to highlight your not so strong areas; there is power in this knowledge.


2. Praying and Seeking God: I believe this next step is extremely important for two main reasons. Number one, God created each and every one of us for a purpose. By praying and seeking God, we learn who He is and whom He is calling us to be. Hence, we are more in tune and in line with our purpose and this makes our journey of becoming easier.

Number two, praying and seeking God actually provides us with the strength we need on this journey. I can personally say my growth so far is due to the God’s grace, without His grace I will never have started this journey nor have had the strength to keep going. Praying and seeking God should be done throughout our life journey.


3. Setting goals based on your VISION: After we realize where we currently are, we then envision where we want to be. A vision is simply whom we aspire to become or what we aspire to accomplish and hence, it guides the process of our journey. A vision statement is often brief but comprehensive.

After clearly writing out your vision statement, the next step is to set goals, which are your desired result in life. These are more detailed and can be broken down into various areas but, it always aligns back to your vision.


4. Having a strategy on how to achieve your goals: If we just set goals but don’t have a strategy on how to achieve them then, they are ineffective! So, for example, if your vision is to ‘empower people to live healthier lives’ and one of your goals which aligns with this vision ‘is to lose weight and become fitter.’ A strategy in achieving this can be, exercising 2-3 times a week and adding more veggies to your meals’.


5. Execution (Focus, Determination, and Discipline): The next step is to simply execute your strategy! Easier said than done, right? I believe this is the part we all struggle with the most, including myself. However, this is actually what is going to close the gap between who we currently are and whom we want to become. With focus, determination, and discipline, I believe execution will occur.

Focus on your vision and goals by reviewing them daily, weekly or at least, monthly. Then, be determined to achieve them, and this comes from constantly motivating yourself. This might mean having an accountability partner that reminds you of your goals or, listening, watching and reading content that inspires you to achieve your goals (i.e. this, ha-ha). Finally, exercise discipline, which is something that is not achieved overnight but rather by the decisions we make daily.


6. Enjoy the journey: Last but certainly not least, enjoy the journey. Don’t get frustrated with yourself when you don’t see results immediately. Neither should you compare your journey to that of others. Incorporate these steps, take it one day at a time (doing the best you can each day) and, you are bound to see results sooner than later!


With Love,

PS: I will really love to hear from you and support you on this journey.
I’m on this journey too so I’m rooting for us!


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