5 Easy Ways To Update Your LinkedIn Profile in 4 Minutes

1. Change your profile photo from a selfie to a professional headshot

Loads of time when I see profiles filled with selfie photos as a profile picture on LinkedIn I grin because LinkedIn is not Facebook. You need to be intentional about the brand you are portraying to a recruiter, company or client by putting your best foot forward, by best foot I mean you need to get a professional photographer to take good head shots of you specifically for Linkedln. 

If you would like a recommendation of my photographer kindly send me a message or drop a comment. 


2.Update your achievements and skills section  

The achievements and skills section are very important aspects of your profile and need to be updated regularly, infact if these sections are outdated for too long then it simply means you are not developing yourself or whatever you are developing yourself in is not fit for your profile (both options are not so good). You should constantly take free or paid courses to develop yourself in the area of your expertise, sites like courses, future learn and YALI offer so many free courses which can help you move from a regular LinkedIn user to a Super Linkedln user who has the eyes of recruiter. 


Use sites below to upgrade your skills for free: 







3.Endorse someone for a new skill 

So your connection just added a new skill or training to their profile and you very much aware of this through their updates, well a nice thing to do is to acknowledge it by endorsing them for this new skill on their profile so they can be more visible to recruiters. Well, you might be asking yourself how does it help you in getting your dream job, it helps you because your connection would do the same to you when you get a new skill and also it most importantly in building relationships with that particular person. Thirdly, it could open up a conversation with the connection and who knows he or she might just be your next boss! See the big picture now? 

To endorse a connection for a skill is very easy, just by clicking on the endorse button next to the skill listed on their profile. 


4.Request for a recommendation from a colleague or client 

People like you and I tend to be shy to ask for help from others, being shy is natural but it doesn’t help your career in any way possible. As a dream job getter, you must be bold enough to ask for recommendations, clients, colleagues, old school mates, course mates, former bosses and the likes. These recommendations speak volumes when posted on your profile by your subordinates and also helps recruiters get an idea the kind of staff you would be in their organization. It is very easy to ask for a recommendation, all you need is to click on the “request a recommendation” button next to the connection, Linkedln sends them a customized message which they reply to by crafting a recommendation for you. 

In a case where you are not satisfied with what they have written you can politely reject the recommendation and request for a new one.  


5.Let recruiters know you are open to new opportunities  

The open to new opportunities is a very powerful tool on your profile which should be permanently on. I have mine on as I am open to new opportunities which would help build my brand and grow my career. 

Many people switch it off because they think their bosses and colleagues might see it and get a hint they are job hunting for a new role, however the option is only visible to recruiters on LinkedIn so take a deep breathe because you are very safe.


-Funmilola Kehinde

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