The Right Mind for the Right Relationship

Do you know an average person thinks 12000 thoughts per day? a deeper thinker can go as far as 40000 to 50000 thoughts per day.(source: The Neurocritic, 2017).

The mind

The mind is similar to a machine that is powered. The mind is always on the move. Always producing thoughts, imaginations, reflecting on past, planning for the future. It is such an active part of the human being BUT there is a very good side to the mind.

The mind is extremely obedient. Whatever you put in it, it puts out. Whatever you tailor it to reveal is what it reveals.

For a successful relationship, partners must decide to tailor their minds to positives only, and even when negative thoughts arise (because its inevitable not to have negative thoughts) partners must make a conscious effort to focus on the positive and not fuel the relationships with negative emotions.

How can this be done:

1. Propose to intentionally see good in your partner. No human is perfect. Every human has flaws. Whatever you decide to see in your heart about your partner will now be all that the partner does to you. e.g. If you have decided that your partner is a liar, you will never hear the truth from him/her. Same applies, if you decide that your partner will never lie to you, everything you hear- you will believe. Its very important to decide to see only good in a person as this will also give hope to the partner  and help him/her work on flaws.

2. Propose to reward efforts not just results. In a relationship, a lot of things can go wrong. While your partner is trying to please you, something might go wrong. My friends partner sent chocolates to her office at 7am. It was the most romantic thought. He had an idea for her to resume work to a big box of chocolate. On getting to her desk, after the celebrations, she picked up a bar and found out ALL the chocolates were expired. She was extremely embarrassed and upset. In this kind of situation, the best position for the mind to take is to appreciate the fact that someone loved you so much, had you in mind and had woken up so early to monitor and ensure your day started out right.

3. Pray about your mind towards individuals. As Christians, we have been instructed to be at peace with ALL men. Its a hard thing to do! but I have come to realize over time that you cannot hate a person you pray for. When you talk to God and tell God to bless someone, teach someone, give that person his heart desires, you are training your mind to produce love fruits towards the person.

Always pray specifics about yourself and your partner in a relationship. This works!!!!

So in summary, how many of your 12000 thoughts are positive ? Do an evaluation today and make the conscious effort to subdue your thoughts to positives only for your own good and the good of your relationship.

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