Growing Spiritually – It’s possible

Great news everybody! I’ve finally been able to get myself to do some daily exercise routines consistently. Some of you know how hard this can be but it can become really easy after you decide to help your friend’s mother in the kitchen and she starts staring at your arms only to burst out laughing as calls you ‘girlie arms’ sigh! God bless her soul. Anyways, the great news is, I’m now working out and it’s working out fine. *smiles*

Back to the topic! When it comes to spiritual growth (i.e. growth in the Knowledge of God and His Will which breeds a Life of Strength in the Spirit), I have found that the way to go about it is not at all far from the way we do pursue physical fitness.

This post is not structured to tell you what to do to grow spiritually. Many people know what to do already. The only issue has often been consistency but in case you do not know, then you should sing this with me;


Read your bible, Pray every day. Pray every day, Pray everyday

Read your bible, Pray every day. If you want to grow


To Grow Spiritually, Simply Exercise; Exercise your Spirit; Exercise yourself in godliness (i.e. practice love, patience, kindness, yes! control that temper even as God works it in You.); Subdue your flesh; Let your new passion for God grow; Walk worthy of the Christian Call; Follow Christ; Study God’s word to renew your mind, Pray because spiritual growth is supernatural. God has help for you, you’ve got to talk to Him, you need to.

So you see, we often know what to do and honestly, as a growing Christian, I get the part about you having an inconsistent season, and taking many guilt trips. There are a couple of mind sets I have adopted from my physical exercise journey for spiritual growth. They have helped me a lot and I believe they can help you too:


1 Press Forward: Be determined to grow. Realize the Christian call is one in which we press forward. Even if no one around you will decide to join you. Do it because it’s right.


2 Press Forward Together: Find a community of people interested in growing. Paul says that the sharing of our faith breeds confidence and the Writer of Hebrews tells us not to ignore fellowship in chapter 10 then in chapter 3 teaches us to encourage brethren knowing how deceitful sin can be. Growing alone is possible with God but be honest enough to admit when you need motivation to grow. Community brings accountability, correction, so much more and extreme fun {if I belong to your community. Hehe}


3 Press On against the Odds: The odds in my context are simply the pressures of quick success. Give yourself time, you’ll get there. You’d quote scriptures by heart, stop falling into that sin regularly and spontaneously live God out. In the Physical, as long as you’re doing the right exercises and taking the right diet, in due time, you’d realize how important your exercises have been but if you keep checking the mirror every day, expecting to see a Hulk-type muscle grow overnight, you might kill the good zeal you have started with. Don’t overestimate your growing self. Quit those guilt trips you take when you realize you’ve fallen short. Get back on track. The track never moved an inch. Get back on it.


This post is written to encourage you to passionately and confidently pursue growth in God. I Can’t wait to hear of your progress in the faith.

Grace and Peace

Jo Deep


  • Doel Stunner
    October 6, 2018

    This Is Quite An Edifying Message! Thank You For Sharing!

  • Stephny
    October 16, 2018

    So Good.Thx Pst Jo❤️

  • Rayo
    October 16, 2018

    Simple but profound. Thank you.

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