You are Unique

You are UNIQUE 

Your heart 

Your passion 

What drives you 

What excites you 

What pinches you

What makes you laugh

What keeps you up at night 

What gives you huge concerns 

What you keep praying about non-stop 

You are Unique. 

Your life’s course is unique

Your journey is unique 

The circumstances that present themselves 

The decisions you’ve had to make 

The experiences you’ve had

The moments that have made you become 

You are Unique 

Never forget how unique you are

Never lose your voice in the midst of a crowd 

Never let trials and situations cause you to conform 

Never let situations give you a reason to be mediocre 

Remain angry about what can be changed 

Remain passionate about what drives you 

Remember the fire that burns on the inside of you 

You are Unique 

And That’s all that matters 

Because your uniqueness is a solution to the world in which you live .

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